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I’ve used WordPress before for limited things like announcements years ago in school, but I didn’t fully appreciate how powerful it can be as a blog. Unfortunately, this site isn’t mean to be a blog, so a lot of blog-related things, like posts, confused me when I just wanted to create an interface based on information access. tl;dr, I don’t know how to use WordPress.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done so far on my first night:

  • Added all the information I’ve been collecting so far into the Entries page. Actually, more like “dumped.”
  • Made a bunch of general categories that I plan to sort the entries into, alphabetically. They’re actually mostly in alphabetical order already, in Japanese.
  • Decided on a theme that’s both functionally and aesthetically sound.
  • Some copyediting.
  • Figured out how widgets work. Added link categories to the sidebar. Then I deleted the TM Wiki link because it’s not worth linking to.

For my next update I plan to organize the information into relevant categories and delete the Entries page altogether. Then I’ll add more direct links to publicly available Fate/Extra media, along with some articles/translations I’ve already written regarding it.

More information is of course regularly being released about the game even right up until release day on the 22nd. Look forward to it.

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