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Cleaning house…

Today I sorted the mess of random info into some preliminary categories. I’ll tweak them as more info rolls in. Entries within those pages still aren’t in any particular order (Japanese alphabetical, partially) but I plan to fix that soon. School sucks.

Added a general overview of Extra to the main Fate/Extra page, so check that out and tell me if you like it or have any suggestions. I tried to include only background info and avoid spoiling anything about the actual characters.


  • Put navigation links on the front page. The nifty dropdown-enabled navigation bar is usable, but will become inadequate eventually as the site index gets more complex. Front page links are also more eye-catching.
  • Decide on appropriate sub-categories within primary dictionary pages.
  • Expand and edit existing entries
  • Find all the pre-release previews and things that I translated on BL, and copy them over
  • Pretty up the site, eventually
  • Top Priority: add new info and stay up to date.
  • Expect something of a hiatus from late July to late September. as I won’t be able to play the game until then and won’t spoil the story for myself by visiting all the Japanese forums. Feels bad, man.
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