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English EXTRA – first impressions

I’ve been checking out the English version some more, up to end of Round 2. Aksys did a mostly decent job, but lots of little annoyances here and there.

I wish it had gone through more editing by someone who knows Japanese. Sometimes I see Legendary Soul, sometimes Legendary Spirit. King of Heroes is mistranslated as Hero of Legend. Changes to Saber’s dialogue give away hints to her identity that weren’t there before. Caster’s identity is unintentionally spoiled outright early on in the game. And various small errors and omissions here and there.

It might be worth continuing this site after all? Hm.


  • Minor edits to Rider page. Integrated some of the better official translations (didn’t know “eventide” was a real word, but I like it), but left ones out that didn’t fit.
  • Continue translating Rider keywords, profile
  • Archer page created.
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