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Rebooting. General updates.

Finally resuming work on this site. First order of things is to edit the general term lists, most of which were written before release.

Now that an official localization is out, I will need to look at the translation and compare it to the original text. A lot of the Nasuverse stuff has been lost in translation because of character limits and the complexity of ruby text, which Nasu LOVES to use. This process will take a while. Otherwise I’ll paraphrase certain passages, like Servant character backgrounds.

  • People page updated – more general info, but fewer spoilers.
  • Concepts page updated – mostly shuffling terms around. I want to get them into a more logical reading order.
  • Places page updated

Servant character sheets are still in progress. I’ve got a lot of it written down, but need to organize and edit the info. Player Servants will also require multiple playthroughs, which I am working on. Just added the beginnings of Archer last night.

I’m debating whether to give Masters their own pages. I don’t want too many spoilers in the general People page, but there is a lot to be said. It would clutter up the menu interface, though. Hmm…

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