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About to transcribe and translate another chunk of text to Unsorted. Probably up in the next hour.

Idle thoughts during translation:

By now we all know that Red Saber commonly addresses the player character as “奏者” with ruby text Master. And less commonly, just “Master”. Aksys translated 奏者 as “Praetor” because there was no English equivalent that communicated “Master” and “actor” at the same time and we don’t use ruby text in English. And, if one doesn’t know any better, Praetor sounds appropriately authoritative and exotic. But it doesn’t really make sense.

A praetor was an ancient Roman title granted to 1) military field commanders and 2) elected magistrates. Both of which are pretty far below Nero’s position of Emperor, but maybe we can let that slide since the player is both a field commander of sorts and an appointed leader. Still, it completely lacks the “actor/player” dimension, which strongly alludes to Nero’s love of the arts.

So I was thinking, if we ignored the authority part, I personally think “Thespian” or “Thesp” would work.

I would’ve liked to have been part of that conversation at Aksys.

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  1. DrJones
    November 13, 2014 at 14:07

    If you go for something that Nero would follow, I would suggest “Muse”.

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