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Of School and Reality Marbles

Another bit of my old notes translated and dumped in Unsorted (back in 2011 I used to type or write down the text of the game, to reference later). It’s just some talk about Reality Marbles that TM fans probably already know, plus the initial Master selection.

EDIT: Also translated the first Q&A with Archer from Round 1. You can view it at the bottom of his profile page.

Anyway, rough work priority is as follows:

Right now I think I want to get the rest of the Servant profiles translated at the very least, and possibly write up major character biographies like Rin, Rani, Twice, etc. Casko will probably be the last to get done since I haven’t even started that playthrough.

In the meantime, I’ve finally started CCC. Not sure if I am going to continue with the same gender-Servant combos or just go for the Gold first.

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