About This Site

Broad Bridge is intended to be, at least for the near future, a mostly Fate/EXTRA-focused resource. It is not intended to succeed the now-dead (but mostly archived) Fuyuki, which contains troves of information based on supplemental materials related on the main Type-Moon works, nor is it intended to replace the Type-Moon wiki, which has the potential to become a great, comprehensive reference but for now is plagued with inaccuracies and speculation.

On that note, all information on this site will be drawn from or related to officially available sources, such as the game itself or the already considerable amount of information in other media releases. In time there may be room for some theories if enough material is available, but that was never the aim of this site. Furthermore, entries on this site will mostly be described only within the context of the world of EXTRA. If you want to know that original concept behind Servants, thaumaturgy, and Magic, check Fuyuki.

UPDATE: This game is now out in English, localized by Aksys Games. I will still continue translating and posting information here, since their editors did not address many of the subtleties that tie this game back to the larger Nasuverse fiction and sacrificed some accuracy for the sake of good reading. However, I’m sorry to say that any chance of my providing a full translation of the game is gone. Please support Aksys by buying their game.

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