Fate/EXTRA (henceforth “Extra”) is a JRPG with dungeon-crawling and school life elements, set in an alternate universe historically and conceptually distinct from the multiverse in which Nasu Kinoko’s core works exist.

The main conflict in Extra is still a war in which Masters summon the spirits of legendary heroes as Servants to fight over the Holy Grail, but that is where the similarities end to Fate/stay night. Many alternate universe versions of known characters appear, but most of these characters are similar to their original counterparts only in name and/or appearance, often having different backgrounds or, in the case of Servants, identities.

Extra is set in Fuyuki City, Japan, during the 2030s. The world is  controlled by a group of megacorporations called the Western European Conglomerate, who have restricted global technological development, forcing most people around the world to live at a level of technological equivalent to that of the early 21st century. The world’s mana has also been depleted for an unknown reason, spelling the end to the vast majority of the world’s magi.

However, in 2032 the discovery of the Moon Cellular Automaton – an ancient, seemingly omnipotent device – has threatened to change the world order. The Moon Cell created a pocket dimension on Earth capable of effecting external phenomena on the laws of reality, called the Serial Phantasm, or SE.RA.PH. Furthermore, it installed a system within SE.RA.PH that would enable 128 individuals to compete for this Holy Grail that would let the winner change the world at will.

You are a student at Tsukumihara Academy, the location around which the Seraph maintains its Reality Marble. Seemingly by chance, you have been chosen to compete in the Grail War, but what you don’t know is that the eyes of the world are on the Grail, and there are those who would stop at nothing to call it their own.


People – Masters, Servants, NPCs

Places – Locations and organizations

Concepts – Objects, mysteries, events, philosophies

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