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Moon-Cellular Automaton
Discovered on the moon’s surface in the year 2032. A great deal remains to be known about its internal structure and construction, which defies human understanding.
The eye of the moon, an autonomous record-keeper of the gods, an artifact left over from an alien civilization. Has continued to observe humanity since the dawn of human history. The creation forge of the soul. Since time immemorial, it has been a tempting celestial invitation to magi, but has always turned out to be a trap/prison. Although that’s what magi call it, for the rest of humanity it’s enough that it grants wishes; an omnipotent recording device.
In this age where there is a scientific explanation for everything, it is the final miracle, the Artgraph of the Seven Heavens.
Composed of absurd densities of pure photonic crystal, with magic-based processing capabilities far exceeding that of cutting-edge supercomputers. Always observing Earth, and archiving the records as the spirit particles which comprise its heart. It can influence all phenomena, so it’s no surprise that the powers that be have their eyes on it.

Trigger – Cipher Key
A requirement (key) to enter the battlefield portion of the Arena to fight enemy Servants, two Triggers must be found by each contestant within the allotted period of time to proceed to the elimination duel.

Failure to obtain the Triggers in time results in automatic disqualification from the Holy Grail War.

Serial Phantasm
The Third Virtual Reality. Spiritual Cyberspace. Seraph. Abbreviated as SE.RA.PH.
A Reality Marble with its origins in the discovery of the Moon Cellular Automaton.

Reality Marble
A pocket dimension, completely cut off from normal reality. Formerly, these were extremely high-level thaumaturgical fields, achievable only by beings like demons, elementals, or master magi who had spent their entire lives developing their skills. Reality Marbles in EXTRA’s world manifest as virtual realities, and are the setting in which modern magi conduct their hacking and research.
The creation and maintenance is an exceedingly complex and energy-intensive affair; even the world’s most powerful supercomputer can only maintain one for a short duration. SE.RA.PH does three – Tsukimihara Academy, the Arena, and the nearby Chapel.

“segmented real philosophix” (from official guide)
Synonymous with SE.RA.PH.?

Disappearing Students
A rumor at Tsukumihara Academy. Apparently students who stay late at school go missing or murdered, but in reality the students themselves are gradually being erased/deleted.

Command Seals
Proof of a magi’s authority as a Master in the Holy Grail War and the manifestation of their contract with a Servant. Three spells that, once invoked, can command the Servant to perform nearly any task, including impossible feats on the level of True Magic.
Each Master only has three, so in reality only two can be used to continue in the war. Most often emblazoned on the Master’s hand, but can be found in other places of the body as well.

A role. The various classifications of the Servants summoned into the Holy Grail War. In accordance with the old rules of the Holy Grail War, there are seven classes of Servants: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, and Assassin.
Archer notes that this seems to be the only feature in common with the Holy Grail War that he’s familiar with.

Code Casting (C.Cast)
Hacking in a virtual space. Analogous to thaumaturgy before the world’s mana depleted?
In-game, these are active abilities granted by equipped items, that the Master can activate to support the Servant in various offensive and defensive ways.

A system based on historical fact.
A classification of Servants.

A system based on mythology and legend.
A classification of Servants.

Seven Heavens Artgraph
Holy Grail of the Seven Heavens.
– see “Moon Cell Automaton”

Information Matrix
Stores and categorizes information gained on opposing Masters and Servants. Analogous to Servant Status knowledge from the Fuyuki War?
In gameplay, increased by gathering information on the enemy Servants during daily life. During boss battles it reveals enemy turns, and at higher levels will provide useful hints in battle.

Holy Grail
A supposedly omnipotent wish-granting machine. Exists within SE.RA.PH.

Holy Grail War
128 students at Tsukumihara Academy summon Servants, and participate in weekly “Elimination Day” matches with predetermined opponents. Thus the final contestant will be granted the right to obtain the Holy Grail, as dictated by the Grail War system within Seraph, which does not permit any deviations (external factions, conflicts, etc.) to this rule.
Although combat naturally occurs when enemy factions meet within the Arena, the decision to permit or deny combat nonetheless lies system-side with SE.RA.PH.
Participants are given a one-week grace period between each elimination round to conduct research and form strategies. Additionally, match-ups are posted on Tsukumihara’s bulletin board on the second floor.

Status Quo
Refers to the world’s state of affairs as the setting for this new Grail War.

Controlling 60% of the world, the Western European Conglomerate have effectively become its rulers. The corporations own 60% of global military and financial assets, and have completely stifled technological innovation on the basis that the current level is sufficient, causing most people to be living in the 2000s.
In other words, world peace and an end to poverty were achieved, at the total cost of technological progress – particularly space exploration. To put it frankly, the world has been trapped in the 2000s for thirty years.
The reason for this lies in the exhaustion of the world’s mana, spelling the end of thaumaturgy as it was once known. Consequently, the Magic Association has dissolved, and only the alchemists of Atlas, who do not depend on mana, remain.
Thaumaturgy in this era is not “practitioners looking within themselves or outside the world for magical energy to manipulate,” but rather delving into spiritual cyberspace for ways to affect the laws of the external world.

The Third Virtual Reality
– see “Spiritual Cyberspace”

Noble Phantasm
The mark of a hero, and a manifestation of the Servant’s absolute power.

When the world’s mana was somehow exhausted in the 2030s, magi lost their powers, and the old magecraft is being replaced by something altogether different. Thaumaturgy in this era consists of delving into spiritual cyberspace and finding ways to affect the laws of reality; spirit hacking.


Grace period.
A one-week period granted to Grail War participants from the time of their match-up decision to the actual battle. During that time one can search for Triggers, gather information on the enemy, or train one’s abilities in the Arena.

Command Seal
Proof of contract with a Servant. Each Seal can be expended to compel a Servant to absolute obedience… even if that means bending the laws of reality to get it done. The same three marks as those used in the original Holy Grail War.
As with the original seals, losing all three will cause the Servant contract to expire and cause an automatic loss, so one can only really use two seals.

Mystic Code
A magus’ support artifacts, so to speak. Can be found in dungeons, although some are sold in the cafeteria as well.
Equipment that you can equip in the game, granting or enhancing Code Cast abilities.

Conceptual Weapon
Digital cancer. “Only concepts can defeat concepts.”

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