Holy Grail

Translated from conversations with Leo Harway:


About the history of the discovery of the Holy Grail:

“…It all started during the previous century. Once upon a time, humanity observed a massive structure. That was when they found it.

An ancient artifact beyond human technology, existing since the distant past. That was the Holy Grail — the Moon Cell.

However, the people of the time were unable to analyze its form, structure, or technological systems.

…Actually, that’s true even now, and it probably will be into the future.

The technology  used to create the Moon Cell was just that alien to us.

Still, now we’ve only begun to understand what the machine does.

…The Moon Cell has been watching Earth. Unceasingly. And since distant antiquity, it’s been recording everything that happens on Earth.

All lives, all ecologies, histories, thoughts — even souls.

The Moon Cell records everything about Earth, and catalogues the information. It’s a godly artifact containing seven strata.

So, people have come to refer to it thus. The Holy Grail of miracles that will illuminate the entire world. The Seven Heavens Artgraph.”


About the materials the Holy Grail is made of:

“The Holy Grail is made of materials that exist even on Earth. And once that was proven, we couldn’t help but realize something.

That its structure can record everything.

The first party to discover this was the Giant’s Pit — the Atlas Institute.

Before long, other groups gained this knowledge, such as we Harways and Tohsaka Rin‘s organization.

The Grail composed of pure photonic crystal, on a scale unimaginable to human civilization.

Photonic crystal conducts processes at the nano-scale. It is a mineral that can capture light itself.

Its processing speed and and memory capacity are overwhelmingly greater than that of other materials.

The Harways’ research efforts continue, but as of now we’re barely even able to synthesize a centimeter’s worth of housing.

Atlas seems to be a bit farther along, but even they can only produce about three cubic centimeters…

Still, the core of the Moon Cell… no, the Holy Grail, is photonic crystal.

The Holy Grail was created using 3000 kilometers of photonic crystal along its full length. It is an operation/recording circuit that carries light as the data medium.

Never mind the data itself, the container that manages data is constructed of light. It’s a very high-level system.

An extraordinary supercomputer that we couldn’t replicate even with the entire world’s resources. It’s natural that some would call it God’s brain.”


About the location of the Holy Grail:

“Once humanity learned the Holy Grail’s location, people tried all at once to reach it.

However, we of the Western European Conglomerate put a stop to that…

If the Grail were to pass into the hands of someone other than the Harways, we believed that it would invite needless chaos.

The Harways prohibited technological development. Humanity didn’t need technology beyond what it already had, went the judgment…

Meanwhile, it restricted physical attempts to attain the Grail. We stopped outer space development, to put it bluntly.

That’s right. The Grail is located on a celestial body 380,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. Namely, the Moon.


What is the Holy Grail War?

“When we learned of the Holy Grail, we of the Western Europrean Conglomerate restricted outer space development to keep countless people from trying to reach the Grail.

Nonetheless, there was a loophole. It was still possible for spirit hackers to get inside.

Or rather, humanity has been in contact with the Moon Cell since long, long ago.

We’ve been invited inside in the form of spirits and consciousness.

It may be that to the Moon Cell, human spirits alone are not directly observable.

The Holy Grail that observes all natural phenomena is unable to observe the metaphysical.

Instead, I believe the Moon Cell chose to invite our spirits in in order to tell it about ourselves.

Hence, wizards alone can touch the Moon Cell.

Outside the supervision of the Harways.

And, this spiritual virtual reality is the point of contact that the Moon Cell created for wizards to use.

Serial Phantasm. Otherwise known as SE.RA.PH.

The Holy Grail War is a struggle among the wizards who have entered the Grail to attain the Grail itself. The goal is to take the world-

No, to take control of the artifact that can change the world – the Moon Cell Automaton.”


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