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Master: Dan Blackmore

True Name: Robin Hood

Noble Phantasm: Blessed Bow

Keywords: Sherwood Forest; The Faceless King

Attributes: STR: C     CON: C     AGI: B     MGI: B     LCK: B


  • Magic Resistance: D
    Nullifies single-action spells. Protection is equal to that of an amulet that wards against magical energy.
  • Independent Action: A
    The ability to act independently even without accepting a Master’s prana supply. At rank A, the Servant can exist for one week without an established contract.
  • Subversive Activities: A
    The ability to undermine an enemy force’s fighting strength during the preparations before battle. A master of traps. At rank A, it possible to disable nearly sixty percent of the opposing force before the enemy advances.
    However, the higher this skill is, the more the spiritual power of the Heroic Spirit will be degraded.



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