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Master: Matou Shinji

True Name: Francis Drake

Noble Phantasm: Golden Wild Hunt – Golden Hind and the Eventide Tempest

Keywords: Grande y Felicísima Armada (“Invincible Armada”); Navigation Logs

Attributes: STR: D     CON: C     AGI: B     MGI: E     LCK: EX


  • Magic Resistance: D
    Nullifies single-action spells. Protection is equal to that of an amulet that wards against magical energy.
  • Storm Navigator: A+
    The ability to command authority among a ship and her crew. Because leadership ability is also necessary, this skill has the combined effect of both Military Tactics and Charisma.
  • Explorer of the Planet: EX
    An unique ability granted to heroes who become turning points in human history. All difficult challenges and voyages turn from “the impossible” into “events that can be realized”.


Name: 姐さんの華麗な略奪 (Nee-san no Karei na Ryakudatsu); Big Sister’s Resplendent Plunder
Target: Self
Effect: Boosts STR for 2 rounds
Activation: First turn, if no attack bonus currently active

Name: カルバリン砲 (KARUBARIN Hou); Culverin
Target: Enemy
Effect: Deals physical damage
Activation: Third turn

Name: 黄金鹿と嵐の夜 (Ougonshika to Arashi no Yoru); Golden Wild Hunt: Golden Hind and the Eventide Tempest
Target: Enemy
Effect: Deals heavy physical damage
Activation: Sixth turn, once HP drops below 900.

Name: loss_lck(32)
Target: Enemy
Effect: Decreases LCK
Activation: C.Cast

Name: shock(32)
Target: Enemy
Effect: Minor damage + Stun
Activation: C.Cast


Vice Admiral Sir Francis Drake was an English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, a renowned pirate, and a politician of the Elizabethan era. He was second-in-command of the English fleet opposite the Spanish Armada in 1588, subordinate only to Charles Howard and the Queen herself (Wikipedia). He also achieved great fame for being the first to successfully circumnavigate the world.

Thanks to the profits gained from his voyage, Drake was largely responsible for advancing England to the forefront of the Age of Discovery. Additionally, he played a vital role in defeating the Spanish Armada during the Anglo-Spanish War, contributing greatly to the decline of the Spain Empire, On Which – it was said – The Sun Never Set.

In real life, Francis Drake was male, but in the world of Fate/EXTRA, Drake materialized as a woman.

A hedonist, she cared little for good or evil. She was gaudy in everything from private life to war; after being ravaged by a fierce storm, she came to appreciate fleeting moments of pleasure.

Although Drake loved gold and silver, what she really desired was not “everlasting wealth”, but rather “treasure that burns out like fireworks.”

“I hoard gold so I can scatter it all like a thunderstorm!” is what she actually said.

For that reason, despite her love of treasure, she is fundamentally incompatible with the King of Heroes, who venerates “inexhaustible treasures”.

She wanted to meet her final end in an magnificent fashion. This Heroic Spirit is not concerned with Life (Human life; human principles and pride), but has learned to appreciate Death (the end that comes to all mortals).

Drake succumbed to dysentery when she was 53 years old. Her eccentricity upon the eve of her death made it into the footnotes of history when, while on her deathbed, she attempted to don her armor in her delirium.

El Draque (‘The Devil’):

Francis Drake was the first man to successfully circumnavigate the globe. (The first to attempt it was Ferdinand Magellan, who died during the voyage)

In life, Drake was male, but he materialized as a woman in Fate/EXTRA.

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