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Tsukumihara Academy
The setting of the Holy Grail War.
A transient world maintained by the existence of the artificial Reality Marble that is spiritual cyberspace. On the outside, it looks very similar to Homurabara Academy.
After the preliminary rounds, there are 128 Masters participating in the Holy Grail War here. The protagonist with memory problems believes the entire school to be real.

Located on the basement level of the school. The store here sells everything from food and pastries to magical equipment.

Accessible from the third floor, like in most Japanese schools. Tohsaka Rin can often be here, found gazing at the virtual sunset.

Supply Room
According to Kuzuki, absolutely off-limits to students.
Actually the entrance to the dueling ground, opened once per round of the War. Requires two Triggers to unlock.

Where sick students go to be treated by the school nurse, Matou Sakura.

Archery Range
Home of the school archery club. The Matou siblings both practice here, and Fujimura-sensei is the club adviser.

Administered by Father Kotomine, the local church seems to exist in a separate Reality Marble, outside of Seraph’s jurisdiction. Unlike the church in Fuyuki, it is adjacent to the school grounds. The Aozaki sisters spend their time here reinforcing Servants’ souls.

The Chimeric Sea, or a part of it. Entrance is down the hall, on the first floor.
A dungeon Reality Marble  maintained by SE.RA.PH. To expel intruders and cull the weak, the Grail produces Enemies that roam the grounds. Defeating these Enemies grants experience points and funds. New areas are opened up as the War progresses.


Possibly the Tohsaka main family once based in Fuyuki. Died out in the 1990s, possibly during the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

Harway Foundation
Leo B. Harway’s family. Boasts the greatest financial assets in the world.

Atlas Institute
It was once one of the three major divisions of the Magic Association, but since the Association ceased to exist in the 2030s when the world’s mana was exhausted, those alchemists at Atlas who didn’t rely solely on mana for their work continued their pursuit of thaumaturgy. They participate in the SE.RA.PH Holy Grail War in their search for the Root.

Western European Conglomerate (Zaibatsu)
By the 2030s, these megacorporations owned and managed some 60% of the world’s military and financial assets, to the point that every aspect of people’s lifestyles and communication were subject to surveillance.
At one point the WEC deemed that the current level of technology was satisfactory, and like their resource monopoly, restricted technological progress. To that end, most people are living under a technological level that has stopped in the 2000s. Because the Holy Grail is seen is a possible threat to their power, the plutocracy dispatched one of its heirs, Leo B. Harway, to enter the Holy Grail War, find the Grail and dispose of it.

*”zaibatsu” were industrial and financial business conglomerates in 20th-century Imperial Japan, whose influence and size exerted control over significant parts of the Japanese economy from the Meiji period until the end of WW2.

An international organization opposed to the plutocratic rule of the Western European Conglomerate.
However, they lack the military and financial resources to compete with the corporations, so they have sent Tohsaka Rin to obtain the Holy Grail in hopes of directly subverting the world order.
The Resistance has no central organization and their operators are scattered throughout the world, so the term refers to their assorted resistance activities as a collective.

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