Saber 危機一髪

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Saber Kiki Ippatsu (By a Hair’s Breadth, In the Nick of Time, etc.) is a pre-release flash game on the official Extra site, where you she orders you, a nameless Roman servant, to heat her bathwater while she undresses and gets ready to bathe. The objective is to burn up all the firewood within the time limit, without overheating the water or starting a fire. The concept is pretty similar to the Caster dress-up game.


Video of the whole game:
(my translation follows this video exactly)

I’ve translated the dialogue below. Original post copypasta’d from the Beast’s Lair forums. I would include pictures, but this is supposed to be a work-safe site. Sorry, guys.


You came again? Fine. If you want to work that badly, work to your heart’s content.

I see. Goodness, the sweat is making my clothes stick to my body. I want to just take it all off already.

Now, I’m going to undress. Carefully see to it that the water temperature is right.

– game 1 –

Well, is the bath heated? It’s still completely lukewarm! I like it hotter than that! Hurry up and heat it again!

– game 2 –

Very good. I have no complaints. That’s a good temperature. Well then, I am going to cleanse myself. You can go stay in the waiting room. Even if you’re feeling earnest, don’t do anything unnecessary.

– game 3 –
(she hums and mumbles a bunch of stuff while you heat it the third time. I can’t make it out from the video and I can’t get that far in the game myself, lol)
(anyway, you have to overheat it now)

WAAAAAAAH! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!? What’s wrong with you!? Did you break the oven? You…. there is such a thing as trying too hard! Why are you just staring at me?

Hmm. Do I fascinate you? Hmm. :) So you have a heart that admires beauty as well? Do you like sculptures? Paintings? Either way, if you have no wicked thoughts in mind I will specially forgive you. I am your king, so there’s no need to run or hide.

Well! Let me model for you! (sound of getting up, screen whites out)

You… there’s something wrong with the color of your face! Your eyes are rolling back…. hey, pull yourself together! (basically, the player passed out from shock/excitement/happiness)

Sigh, there’s no helping it. I can’t just leave him here…. Hey, somebody get in here! Somebody fainted in the bath! Do something about this!
(screen fades back to Saber barely covered)

Geez, causing me all this trouble. But, there’s nothing wrong with having the spirit to admire beauty. You and I probably would have gotten along. Perhaps one day, in another time and place, we may meet again. When that time comes, I’ll leave things to you.

(the rest is the usual stuff she says to promote the game, regardless of whether you win or lose)


There are some other lines when you wait around not clicking the Start button, or if you get Game Over, but those mostly consist of her insulting you.

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