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This is a synopsis/translation of a Japanese gameplay trailer.

Link to video:
The first half shows a random dungeon encounter. Player is a girl, Servant is Archer.

Enemies in the Arena dungeon are visible on the field, just like in Persona. More on this later.

Each round of battle consists of 6 turns. You generally don’t get to see what your opponent is going to do, so it’s like a game of rock-paper-scissors with commands that you choose in advance. Certain active/passive skills and status ailments may reveal the enemy’s turns. In Archer’s case, his Mind’s Eye or some similar ability may be why you can see 3 random enemy turns.

The standard Servant commands are: Attack, Guard, and Break.
Attack hurts Break hurts Guard hurts Attack. If you use or counter with an effective command, you will gain an extra attack/counterattack.

Skills are unique Servant abilities. To my knowledge, they can only be used once per round. Skills can be unlocked through Spirit Hacking (spending skill points from leveling) or bettering your relationship with your Servant (may be linked to plot progression).

Once per round, the Master can also support the Servant with Code Casting, ranging from offensive to healing to support spells (lines of code). C.Cast is concurrent with a Servant turn – it does not take up an action slot of its own.

Skills and Code Cast use MP. The Master only has an MP bar, as he/she cannot be attacked directly.

Round 1: C.Cast:shock(64)+guard, guard, skill:Hrunting/CON Down, attack, guard, guard

Round 2: C.Cast:heal(64)+attack, skill:Projection Preparation, attack, attack, guard, break

Money and experience are gained at the end of every battle.

The second half of the video shows enemy interaction and CC outside of combat.

It starts by mentioning that changing your equipment can affect available C.Cast abilities. The player equips an accessory that grants +60MP and a Field Attack that stuns for two turns (if you engage in battle). As we can see, enemies stunned by Field Attack can be bypassed completely. Enemy Servants (boss battles) cannot be Field Attacked, however.

Field Attack is a pretty convenient C.Cast ability for dungeon crawling. It saves time and HP.

Female player and Saber engage a FA-stunned enemy. The FA stun grants an advantage during the first two turns of combat.

Enemy: Destroyah (LOL Engrish)
Round 1: attack, attack, guard, skill:Rosa Ichthys, attack, guard

Saber attacks unopposed in the first two rounds, and successfully guard/counters in the third. As long as you don’t take a direct attack or counterattack, your attacks will chain for increased damage. After she chains 3 attacks, she gains an extra fourth attack. The chain counter resets after the EX attack.

Since you can equip up to two items, experiment to find the combination that works best for you.

Red Saber sounds like a loli.

So that’s it for the video. Now I’ll post all of the details of skills and items I managed to pick out of the video. Apologies in advance if I get some of the names wrong, some characters were pretty blurry.

Master C.Cast
shock(64): inflicts damage+stun on the enemy
heal(64): heals a large portion of the Servant’s HP

Archer’s Skills
Name: Hrunting (Sekigen Ryouken , Hound of the Red Plains) – CON Down
Effect: inflicts damage and reduces the enemy’s CON. Activation requirement: 1 accuracy

Name: Hrunting – STR Down
Effect: inflicts damage and reduces the enemy’s STR. Activation requirement: 2 accuracy

Name: Pre-Projection
Effect: increases Projection accuracy by 1, slightly strengthening Projection skills

Name: Self-Reinforcement
Effect: unknown

Name: Water Juggler of Clairvoyance
Passive: boost_mp(100): increases Master’s max MP by 100
Active: view_map(): displays all Arena floor data, MP cost: 20

Name: Saint’s Monocle
Passive: boost_mp(30): increases Master’s max MP by 30
Active:view_status(): displays enemy status information, MP cost : 10

Name: [something] Lucky Charm
Passive: boost_mp(40): increases Master’s max MP by 40
Active: gain_lck(32): increases Servant’s LCK, MP cost: 20

Name: Reinforced Spike
Passive: boost_mp(90): increases Master’s max MP by 90
Active: move_speed(): increases movement speed, MP cost: 20

Name: Air Shot – Ni no Tachi
Passive: boost_mp(60): increases Master’s max MP by 60
Active: release_mgi(b): Field Attack stuns for 2 turns, MP cost: 15

Name: Mantle of [something]
Effect unknown

Saber’s Skills
Name: Rosa Ichthys (Hana Chiru Tenmaku, Pavilion of Falling Flowers)
Effect: inflicts STR-based damage on the enemy
note: 花散る ‘falling flowers’ can be a metaphor for many people dying all at once.

Name: Acclaim is the Equal of Weaponry
Effect: unknown

Name: Thrice, I Face the Setting Sun
Effect: unknown

Name: The Fountain of the Saint who Weaves Time
Effect: unknown

Thanks for reading.

On a side note, the name of the skill Saber uses hints at her identity. The Ichthys (now ubiquitous on the rear ends of American cars, and known colloquially as the ‘Jesus fish’) originated during the Greek and early Christian era, meaning that Saber is most likely Roman.

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