ViDoc 2 – Moratorium (School Life)

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Original post from the Beast’s Lair forums. This was the first video I did so it’s more of a summary than a complete transcript.

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The first part is about information gathering. According to Saber it’s critical to recon the enemy while you’re at school between Arena battles, so you walk over to eavesdrop on Shinji (that “delicate man,” in Saber’s words). He strikes up a conversation about recent Arena stuff with Rin, in his typically condescending way, and basically gives away that his Servant sails a ship. Rin happily lets him know how much she’s already figured out about his Servant, in her own patronizing way.
Shinji goes “lol yeah I meant to do that, well maybe I was bluffing, maybe you fell for it” but the protagonist can tell from his face that Shinji fucked up as usual. As he leaves in a huff, Shinji notices that you were eavesdropping but foolishly brushes you off anyway, as he is wont to do.

Btw, dimmed text overlays are the protagonist’s thoughts. Basically the game telling you what to pay attention to. The bright white text in the foreground is part of the video explaining how the game works, not the actual game itself.

Information gathering half of the video ends with Saber once again stressing that researching the enemy is key to victory. When you finish doing your research/socializing for the day, you can take the elevator down and jack into the Arena. Choosing to enter the Arena automatically advances time and ends the real-life part of the day, so make sure you do everything before entering. Not too different from Persona, eh?

The video skips ahead to the player running over to an item vendor. Equipment for the Master is purchasable from vendors, as well as consumables like HP/MP recovery, dungeon escape, etc. The player then runs downstairs where Kotomine Kirei explains a bunch of gameplay things.
He brings up a new point about something called “Triggers” (Japanese says “dark key” or something, I don’t really know). While dungeon crawling, it’s important to acquire two Triggers before fighting a decisive battle (presumably enemy Servants, that is). Triggers ARE missable, so make sure you make the proper preparations while at school. Also, Fuyuki’s local Church is outside the jursidiction of the System, so you can upgrade Servants there.

So we run over to the Church to see for ourselves. Aozaki Touko and Aoko are hanging out by the altar, apparently taking some time off from killing each other to help Masters out. Here, you can spend skill points gained from leveling up on your Servant’s stats, which is followed by a short sequence in which Aoko “mods” your Servant. If you assign enough points, the stats “rank up” (from E to D, for example) and the Servant may learn (or rather, “recall”) new skills. Touko gives the in-universe explanation for character experience levels: the Servant’s soul, and therefore strength, is linked to that of the Master. Therefore, the Servant can only grow stronger if the bond to the Master does as well.

Thanks for reading.

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