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About the Harways:

The Harway family is the leading power of the Western European Conglomerate.

The WEG was formed from a number of multinational companies, merging into one megacorporation with its own independent military.

Geographically, it covers 30% of the world.
It’s said that 60% of the world’s wealth belongs to the WEG’s corporations, based on GDP.

The Harways champion an ideal of equal distribution of the entire world’s resources and wealth.

But, the WEG and the Harway family are constantly under threats of terrorism from armed groups that don’t understand those ideals.

“Oh, we meet again.”

The Harways’ current heir…
I suppose I could ask him a few questions about what I was just reading.

Can they really achieve true peace and equal distribution of wealth throughout the world?

“Naturally. Under the rule of an ideal king, a just and perfect world will be maintained.”

But what does he think of the powers that oppose those goals?

“Of course, I am not suggesting that the current WEG is perfect.
A minority of elitists are mingled at its core. I can understand the objections of people like Tohsaka Rin.
However, under my rule even those grievances will cease to be. The WEG will become humanity’s destination in this century.”

Grandly, he proclaimed an ambition that made me doubt my own ears.
He showed no sign of uncertainty, nor did he express any lingering attachment to the old era he promised to cast away.

“That would be the new world order. Now, farewell. You should spend the little time you have left in a meaningful way.”


From conversations with Tohsaka Rin:

Q: What do you think of the Holy Grail War?

I’ll ask her about the Holy Grail War. Not what she knows about the system itself, but rather, what she thinks of this system in which everyone has to fight each other to the death.

“Huh? I’m surprised you’re still bothered by that.
You seemed to be rather shocked that people were killing each other in this war…
Could it be that you think the Holy Grail War is completely evil?
…Well, it certainly isn’t good. I know enough not to embrace it outright.
Everything has a limit. The earth, its resources, fame, and even time will eventually end.
That’s the consequence of the wishes of many people trying to take those limited resources.
To make your own wish come true, you have to crush someone else’s. …That isn’t so out of the ordinary.
Here in SE.RA.PH, it’s simple. On the surface, things are more complicated.
After all, people who don’t fight in wars have things taken from them without their knowledge.
…If you look at it that way, the Holy Grail War is quite fair.
The reasons, results, victims, and assailants are all clear.
…Eh, our respective backgrounds are different, so I can’t help but think it’s natural.
But don’t forget. Competition between people isn’t evil by itself.
We learn about our enemies to defeat them. We weigh our enemies to defeat them. To win– we strive to understand other people.
I believe that’s the heart of this battle.
Though, I don’t know why the Holy Grail War has taken on such a twisted form.
I want to believe it because, from the beginning, this whole thing was built as a way to learn about humans.”

Q: How do you think the world will end up?

I want to ask her about where the world is going.
Everything’s foggy – my past, my memories, what the world is like.

“Ah… I see. Even if you have the knowledge, it doesn’t feel real.
You don’t know what the world is like right now.
Okay, I’ll tell you. Sooner or later, the world will end.
It won’t happen right away. It’s not an imminent, obvious danger.
We know an enormous calamity occurred about thirty years ago, but the population decrease has stabilized.
Still, to this day the world hasn’t progressed even one step since then.
Wars have ceased. So have famine and poverty. However, no discoveries have been made, no new resources tapped. Humanity hasn’t regressed, but it hasn’t advanced either.
Exploitation of resources and outer space development have stopped.
Humanity hasn’t even reached the Moon on its own two feet. It’s strange, our history.
The world has stagnated, as if mired in a bog for decades.
It’s stable. Easy to manage. That’s what the Harways think.
What we can see today seems fine. But our resources will eventually run dry, and global temperatures will rise.
We’re on a downhill slide so subtle it seems flat. It’s a path we can’t feel as we walk on it, but will become apparent when we look to the future.
No matter how far in the future it is, if our end is completely hopeless, doesn’t that make you concerned about our path a few decades from now?
I’d rather not go down that road. I want to show our children a brighter future. …That’s why I’m here.
The Western European Conglomerate – the Harways – would preciously guard the status quo until the world rots. I’m here to defeat them.
…Ah. Just so you know, I’m not saying that I should be the one to win this war for the good of the world.
The price of a wish isn’t measured in the scale of its results.
Everyone has a reason for wanting to win. I’m just saying that this is mine.”


Leo, what happened to high school?

“First, do you know what a Reality Marble is?
It is a secret art whereby a caster can recreate one’s surroundings as an entirely different space using powerful magic.
Even among the Servants, there are individuals who possess this power.
A great deal of energy is required to maintain a Reality Marble, and even Servants with high magical power can only manifest it for a few minutes.
The academy in which we passed the time during the preliminary round was a Reality Marble created to determine the owner of the Holy Grail.
As with the school during the preliminaries, the current campus and arena are battlegrounds for the Masters.
These are all distinct Reality Marbles created by the Holy Grail from an astronomical quantity of mana.
The maintenance of a Reality Marble of this scale for a sustained period, never mind multiple fields at once, is impossible even with modern cutting-edge supercomputers.
On that note, I think you can imagine how absurd the scale of the Holy Grail’s magic is.
All Masters participating in the Holy Grail War have their memories erased once.
Then, they are made to live ordinary school lives as entirely different people within the Reality Marble created by the Grail.
The Grail also placed a time limit on the school life period. Four days. Within that time, each Master had to realize that he or she was being forced to play an assigned role.
These were the conditions to enter the Holy Grail War.
…Heheh. Of course, in Miss Tohsaka’s case, it seems that she immediately slipped out of her role, so she never played it to begin with.
By the way, Fujimura-sensei and Ryuudou Issei are not Masters, but rather NPCs with assigned tasks.
The Masters that failed to realize their predicament during the preliminaries met their ends while brain-dead, so to speak.
Tragic, but the Holy Grail War is no place for the weak.”

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